study for untitled

study for untitled is a movement solo made in collaboration with composer Chris Peck. It is an attempt to execute a score that is the same for both music and movement. Although an impossible task, they create simple points of initiation, sonically and corporeally, that are generated randomly in order to create a variable arch of activity. If a sequence of points in the score is reminiscent of a form, style, act, or representation, they will engage and embody it physically (Djordjevich) and musically (Peck), in order to attempt to break a neutral flow of activity. Furthermore, they are interested in producing an activity that is simultaneously familiar, yet unrecognizable. The idea is to witness the body engaging with the space in a tactile way, fluctuating between task, spectacle, fidgeting, sitting, etc.

choreographed & performed by Milka Djordjevich
music by Chris Peck

Presentation History
Dixon Place Body Blend NYC, 2008
Movement Research at Judson Church NYC, 2008
Postmasters Gallery NYC, 2009
Danspace Project Draftwork NYC, 2009
Solo in Azione Festival Milan, Italy, 2009
Ophelia is Not Dead Festival Lodz, Poland, 2009
Toihaus Theater Salzburg, Austria, 2010