Kinetic Makeover

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Kinetic Makeover is a dance solo giving power and autonomy to one body. This body attempts to produce various images through the self-imposed task of repeatedly and compulsively moving.  Perpetual action is a means for change in order to establish a new way of seeing and being. The various thresholds of the body are revealed through this self-directed persistence. Actions oscillate between being repetitive, mechanical, mundane, sustained, hypnotic, energetic, aggressive and euphoric. The act of doing is always in negotiation of the past, present and future. The dance is an attempt at the here-and-now, a never-ending effort that ceases to exist. The work is a reimagining of the body and its potential, what it represents and how it exists. Commissioned by The Chocolate Factory Theater, developed at Performing Arts Forum (, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Swing Space and Workspace Brussels, Belgium.

choreography & performance Milka Djordjevich; sound Chris Peck; lighting Madeline Best; costume Reid Bartelme; eyes Rebecca Brooks

Premiered April 10-13, 2013 at The Chocolate Factory