On writing blurbs

It is difficult to articulate complex choreographic ideas in "80 words or less" or in words period. I have the unattainable desire to encapsulate all that I'm thinking in "80 words or less" – I need to if I want my work marketed properly. Or do I? I want to think of blurbs as a unique challenge, as a way to distill my choreographic ideas and as a way to frame my work. (The ideas of "distilling" and "framing" came up a lot during the Form & Practice Workshop I attended this past summer at the Kitchen, led by Dean Moss & Levi Gonzalez.)

I have trouble finding succinct language to describe by work, but more and more I am becoming drawn to language as a way to clarify my ideas.

Maybe part of my desire to have this blog is to use it as a platform to talk about artistic ideas – not only my own, but ideas in general.

Below is the latest blurb I wrote. I took some risks, including posting it here. I'm interested in feedback, really:

The Shape of Things to Come is a pseudo social commentary that explores the space between sanctioned and unsanctioned performance. Different types of physicality are composited in an attempt to generate unorthodox arrangements of action. Time is used elastically, allowing perception of the dance to shift and evolve. Performers exist as people, architecture, objects & vehicles.

It's funny, you never really know what the dance is going to look like from reading a blurb, or do you?