Re-Imagining Utopia in NYC

Here are a few photos that I took on my phone at the Austria-NYC exchange which I co-curated with Isabel Lewis in collaboration with Martina Hochmuth and Sigrid Gareis. It was initiated by the Austrian Cultural Forum (NYC) in partnership with Movement Research and Tanzquartier Wien.  It featured presentations by Austria-based Participants Philipp Gehmacher and Vladimir Miller; united sorry (Frans Poelstra & Robert Steijn); Cabula6 (Jeremy Xido and Claudia Heu); Doris Uhlich and Andrea Salzmann; Anette Baldauf. NYC-based Participants Eagle Ager; Jill Sigman; Melinda Ring; Ann Liv Young; Jenn Joy. I was only able to take photos during Cabula6, Andrea, Jenn, united sorry and Eagle Ager's presentations: [gallery]