ANTHEM (premieres Fall 2017)

Choreography by Milka Djordjevich
Performed by Laurel Atwell, Jessica Cook, Dorothy Dubrule and Devika Wickremesinghe
Music by Chris Peck
Lighting by Madeline Best
Costumes by Naomi Luppescu

ANTHEM weaves together existing and imagined vernacular dance styles to explore labor, play, and the relationship between personal and shared feminine experience. Drawing inspiration from contra dance and counterpoint, the four women in ANTHEM generate a repetitive yet complex movement vocabulary that evolves as the dancers rotate hypnotically within the confines of a square. Over time, the meditative rigor of their steps gradually dissolves into a tangle of performative commotion, blurring the distinction between the mundane and the glamorous. Choreographer Milka Djordjevich works with long-time collaborators Chris Peck, whose percussive score both supports and subverts the rhythmic contrasts of the choreography, and Madeline Best, whose lighting design emphasizes the psychedelic visual character of the piece.

ANTHEM premieres Fall 2017 in Los Angeles at the LAX Festival, with additional performances in NYC at the Chocolate Factory Theater.