ANTHEM (premieres Fall 2017)

Choreography by Milka Djordjevich
Performed by Laurel Atwell, Jessica Cook, Dorothy Dubrule and Devika Wickremesinghe

ANTHEM is a dance choreographed by Milka Djordjevich for four women – Laurel Atwell, Jessica Cook, Dorothy Dubrule and Devika Wickremesinghe. Questioning contemporary dance’s post-Judson predisposition towards neutrality, authenticity and de-sexualization of the female body, ANTHEM embraces theatricality, virtuosity and the performance of invented female personae. The dancers attempt to dismantle the gaze through its reclamation, developing gender bending alter egos. The quartet’s individual and collective effort creates a dance juxtaposing glamour, failure and (in)authenticity. The choreography is layered together out of existing, outmoded and invented dance styles, creating a dance as an act of consumption as well as a mode of production. Using pizzazz and a deadpan sense of humor, the dancers will create a space for misbehavior. ANTHEM valorizes style and posturing over so-called authenticity, in order to insist on the constructed nature of the female performance personae. The work attempts to amplify the formation of each dancer’s personae to become seemingly other. Can the embodiment and idolization of virtuosity be pushed so far that it is transformative? The dancers effort in performing multiple contradicting tasks will give way to new terrain. 

ANTHEM premieres Fall 2017 in Los Angeles at the LAX Festival, with additional performances in NYC at the Chocolate Factory Theater.